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Gnuplot Book Cover Now available:

Gnuplot in Action
Understanding Data with Graphs

by Philipp K. Janert
Updated 2nd edition

425 pages
Manning Publications (2016)

Updated, expanded, and improved to cover gnuplot 5, this book provides a comprehensive introduction to gnuplot from the basics to power features and beyond. Besides providing a tutorial on gnuplot itself, it demonstrates how to apply and use gnuplot to extract intelligence from data.

Available now from Manning Publications, and other booksellers.

  1. Prelude: Understanding data with gnuplot
  2. Tutorial: Essential gnuplot
  3. The heart of the matter: the plot command
  4. Managing data sets and files
  5. Practical matters: strings, loops, history
  6. A catalog of styles
  7. Decorations: labels, arrows, explanations
  8. All about axes
  9. Color, style, and appearance
  10. Terminals and output formats
  11. Automation, scripting, and animation
  12. Beyond the defaults: workflow and styles
  13. Basic techniques of graphical analysis
  14. Topics in graphical analysis
  15. Coda: Understanding data with graphs
  A:   Obtaining, building, and installing gnuplot
  B:   Resources
  C:   Surface and contour plots
  D:   Palettes and false-color plots
  E:   Special plots
  F:   Higher math

gnuplot Cookbook
by Lee Phillips
220 pages
Packt Publishing (2012)

Over 80 recipes to visually explore the full range of features of the world's preeminent open source graphing system.

Available from Packt, and other booksellers.

  1. Plotting curves, boxes, points, and more
  2. Annotating with labels and legends
  3. Applying colors and styles
  4. Controlling your tics
  5. Combining multiple plots
  6. Including plots in documents
  7. Programming gnuplot and dealing with data
  8. The third dimension
  9. Using and making graphical user interfaces
  10. Surveying special topics

Gnuplot Book Cover Gnuplot in Action
Understanding Data with Graphs

by Philipp K. Janert
396 pages
Manning Publications (2009)

The first book specifically on gnuplot.

Now available in a second, updated edition.

Still available from Manning Publications, and other booksellers.


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